I would like to thank the people or communities who help me daily or punctually
to thrive in my activity dedicated to hummingbirds.



Nicolas Hayotte is a graphic lifelong friend. He helped me make several brochures, flyers, posters and countless layout works. More than 30 years of work together!

Nicolas Hayotte
Jean-Pascal Boffo

Jean-Pascal Boffo is a french musician, guitarist and composer. He has also been a sound engineer since 1990, ensuing producing, recording, mixing and mastering. For several years, Jean-Pascal has helped me optimize the soundtracks of my short films.

Yoann Lori is an illustrator, caricaturist, graphic designer, and also a senior video game artist. He graced me with his work with the editing of one of my photos in digital painting (in the video illustrating my personal technique).

Yoann Lori
Charli Vincent

Charli Vincent. Independent artist, Charli excels in caricatures, illustrations, frescoes and decorations. He drew the boards illustrating how I approach the hummingbirds.

Mario Espinosa from San Juan, Puerto Rico, for his invaluable help in Spanish texts editing.

Mario Espinosa
Alejandro Bayer

Alejandro Bayer from the city of Armenia in Quindio, Colombia, for his unparalleled responsiveness in identifying hummingbirds.

My friend forever Gilles Lucas Leclin, lyricist of a large part of my audiovisual achievements.

Gilles Lucas-Leclin
Ignace Ignaccolo

Ignace Ignaccolo, carpenter and genius handyman, repeatedly involved in my devices photo achievements.

Michèle Lê expert seamstress, always ready to carry out my last-minute orders: off-road clothing, carrier bag, shielding cases...

Michèle Lê

Arno Mulot is a creator, sometimes graphic artist and designer, sometimes painter and sculptor. He specializes in logo design and graphic design. He created the site’s logo.

Marc Jardel I knew Marc long before I found my true calling for Hummingbirds. With his company, Jama, he is undeniably one of the main photographic hunting equipment suppliers. In my early days as wildlife photographer, nobody could provide me with the necessary and qualified elements for observation and photography. I remember that, in the 80s, I visited him several times in his town of Villemomble, in the Paris region. He had squatted his father's garage to set up his workshop. He then created Jama Electronique, which quickly became a must for enthusiasts.
Everything needed was available, from the carriages and the infrared barriers to the remote-controlled releases. He always lent an attentive ear to my requests, inventing or improving the necessary devices for my photographic requirements.

Marc Jardel
Los Koyas

Special thanks to the Los Koyas musical group, who perform all of Latin America in music and songs. They agreed to offer us gracefully "Cascade", a classic of the Guarani music that accompanies the audiovisual editing of the index.