Waqanki-Fruiteater Lodge
Quebrada Mishquiyacu
Moyobamba, Perú

María, Carlos and Caridad.

My name is Maria, we are 4 brothers and 4 sisters, and, with our parents, we transformed this property of 104 hectares to promote eco-tourism. Carlos, who acts as a guide, makes discover the fauna and the flora of the place, Caridad oversees the administrative questions, whereas I, Maria, take care of the cooking. We welcome tourists from all over the world and we were glad to welcome Don Ricardo.
In the early morning, I made breakfast for him with bread and jam, eggs thoroughly cooked, ground coffee from our farm and freshly squeezed juices. After breakfast, Don Ricardo went to the hummingbirds viewing area, a few hundred meters from the house, on a small hill. He had to walk with 2 big heavy bags, full of photographic equipment and climb with great courage the 164 steps that lead to the top of the observatory.
Of course, this report highlights the hummingbirds of our inn.