Fundo Alto Nieva

Wilmer Montenegro and Kenny Rodríguez.

This reserve is located in the rainforest, on the Pochotoma Poropoto road. After leaving the road, we need to cover 600 meters to reach the reserve. We find 2 cabins for 2 for tourists, a reception room that serves as a dining room and the Guide’s cabin.
The services are basic, but with excellent homemade food: breakfast, fried eggs, bread, jam, fruit juice.
Special feature of the coffee: they serve a small highly concentrated coffee made with ground coffee produced locally.
You must add hot water from the thermos to finish the drink. In these conditions of preparation, the coffee is often lukewarm ...! Beware of fried oil-soaked food (fried potato, egg) that need to be soaked up before serving. The hummingbirds viewing area, very quiet, is 50 meters from the cabin. There is electricity from 6 PM to 10 PM. No wifi or internet.
On clear nights, the spectacle of stars and nebulae in the total darkness of this forest is magnificent (no stray light around since the road and the villages are distant). Regarding the clothes, boots are mandatory!