Choctamal Marvelous
Spatuletail Lodge

In this place, I did mainly observation and very few photos because the wanted hummingbird, the Marvelous Spatuletail, was hidden in the bushes.
Also, a classic in the hummingbird’s observation, the presence of an adult Violetair who jealously guarded this small area and did not allow any species to approach the flowers and the watering troughs. I had already observed this fact with the Violetair in other places, other countries.
The place had all the comforts to spend 2 days, with a good bed and good food. No wifi or internet.
This mountainous area is beautiful, but access by a narrow unpaved road is left to the master drivers who know the region. This mountain road from old Tingo leads to Kuelap.
Very regularly, a cable car serves villages around here, avoiding this steep road. Thanks to Alicia who planned the visit and Maritza who welcomed me at the hostel.


Colibri coruscans - Colibri anaïs - Colibrí rutilante - Sparkling Violetear