There are many websites dedicated to this fetish bird; just enter in the search engine: hummingbird, picaflor, or colibris... I draw from my personal experience a few important points. There are 343 recorded species of hummingbirds and they can only be found in the New World: from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and nowhere else, except in some ornithological educational centers such as butterfly and hummingbirds gardens.

Don't spend time looking for them in Europe or Africa. Furthermore, our friend can't stand captivity, and that's for the best.
Sometimes, even for an expert, it is difficult to identify them at first glance. Each species includes sub-species, sometimes with several variations, not counting male/female and juvenile dimorphisms. To recognize them, publications are useful to me, but I prefer the highly-trained eye of specialists in the field. That's why I keep preciously the contacts of my correspondents on the spot.

I noticed that hummingbirds get along well with spiders:
● they use their canvases to line the nests
● they take some insects caught in their webs (need protein)
● spider webs are often found on their beaks and feathers.
On the other hand, they are not good bedfellows with wasps and bees; they even sometimes get attacked!

They must also beware of a ruthless enemy: the praying mantis who also attends drinking troughs... and It is on the lookout to attack small hummingbirds!
In the hummingbird drinking trough there is always a dominant individual: the drinking trough boss... He attacks the ones who dare to enter his territory... But the other hummingbirds found the solution... they come together at the watering place, thus discouraging the leader from attacking the troop.
Hummingbirds must be supervised by passionate, competent and available people. The sweet water contains 1 part of white sugar per 4 parts of water previously boiled in order to destroy the germs. The water must be cooled before adding the sugar to avoid a syrupy consistency and we have to mix thoroughly. We have to put only the necessary amount for the day, for example 100cc; the remaining mixture is kept cool. Each day the daily dose is added after a meticulous rinsing of the drinking trough.
In some places, I was amazed to see that some people attract hummingbirds with sweet water in their mouths... The hummingbird kiss is to be prohibited!!! The human mouth is a pool of many germs, including streptococci and staphylococci, definitely lethal to hummingbirds!!! Similarly, do not attract Hummingbirds with sugar water in your hand!