Ricardo Zarate

About the author

All the photos presented on this website were taken in natural settings: flowers, plants, twigs, leaves also belong to these same settings. In post-processing, with lightroom and photoshop I can improve the presentation by integrating as well as possible the 2 elements: hummingbirds and flowers in the same frame. It is a composite technique that I keep developing and improving day by day. This way of working is my own and I take great pleasure in devoting myself to it.
It is a personal work, entirely non-profitmaking, achieved simply to present at best... Hummingbirds in flight... these wonders of Nature.
Over the past 35 years, I have been carrying out a sustained and diverse photographic activity. After several years of animal photography, I carried out very dense audiovisual activities with the prerequisite of studio photography. Yet, I did not forget the great outdoors, taking pictures with a 9 meters wingspan kite or a 2.50m diameter helium tethered balloon and also enjoying photography with drones, that I practiced with 4 different models. Now, I return to my first love: the ornithological picture. For 3 years I’ve been exploring the world of hummingbirds. A look that focuses only on in-flight photography of these very endearing little birds.

Hummingbirds in flight

How I work: four ways to approach hummingbirds.